Summer School

Don't forget about us during the summer!

We offer a fantastic  Summer program that  is here to help your kids be better prepared for the school year ahead.  We always keep a 1:14 or 2:28 Teacher : Student ratio, so you know that your child will get the training and attention that they need.  

If you would like to enroll in Summer School, here is the information that you need:

We charge a $50.00  activity fee and the 1st months tuition up front.

(The activity fee covers 3 field trips, water days, and school supplies.)

School Age Tuition / Month

Full Day: 7:00am to 6:00pm

5 days        $650.00/mo

4 days        $550.00/mo

3 days        $450.00/mo

2 days        $350.00/mo

Half Day:  

Half Day: Pick up by 12:30 pm

5 days        $375.00/mo

4 days        $325.00/mo

3 days        $275.00/mo

2 days        $250.00/mo

If you would like to just drop in for a day, our rate is $50.00/day.

(Drop-in availability is based on keeping the 1:14 or 2:28 teacher to student ratio.)

As always, if you have any more questions please reach out to us, you can find all of our contact information here!