Coronavirus Action Plan

Valley Schools Coronavirus Action Plan

The following measures will be put in place:

  • Drop off and pick up at entry gate
  • Temperature taken at the gate for students and staff and anyone entering campus. No one with a temp over 100.4 will be allowed on campus. Your child may return to school after fever or acute respiratory illness (72 hours after last fever, without fever reducers, or 14 days if exposed to someone who has tested positive with COVID-19) If your child has tested positive with COVID-19, a release from the Health Department will be necessary. Compliance with current public Health Department criteria will be followed.
  • If anyone in your household has symptoms of COVID-19, or a positive test, your child must be excluded from school for the 14-day quarantine.
  • Staff and students will be monitored throughout the day for signs of illness.
  • We will practice social distancing as much as possible-use “airplane arms” to measure distance:
  • Spread recess times and locations out to reduce the number of students in areas.
  • Chapels will be recorded and shown to individual classrooms.
  • No off-campus field trips or service projects.
  • Face masks or shields will be worn by staff and are highly recommended for 3rd grade – 8th grade students when physical distancing cannot be maintained.
  • Frequent and thorough handwashing with soap.
  • Frequent and thorough sanitation by personnel of school facilities with California approved disinfectants.
  • VS will have a distance learning option for parents/students who don’t feel comfortable attending class in person because of COVID. (Guidelines will apply, as this is for true COVID concerns only and as described in this Action Plan).

It is our goal to provide a loving and caring academic environment while keeping your child safe and well.  Thank you for your cooperation with these guidelines.  Your family’s well-being is top priority.